Welcome to my Universe!

276 tech videos in 2 years. Not too bad!

It’s been 2 years this April 2018 since I created the FastGadgets YouTube channel.  I really did it on a whim, not sure what it might become.  Of course, I always had hopes it would become something huge, a full time endeavor I could use as my primary income.  It hasn’t quite become that yet, but it’s getting closer.

Since that fateful day in April of 2016, I created 276 tech related videos (as of 18th January, 2018).  That’s an average of 13 videos a month!  It seems trivial, but the time, effort, and love I’ve put into each video has been a joy.  I would say the best part is the viewers, who’ve really made the journey so much fun.

I’d been planning on doing something with the fastgadgets.info domain I purchased years back, but never got around to it.  It’s been parked on my YouTube channel, so anyone who went to fastgadgets.info would simply be forwarded to YouTube.  The thing is, I began to realize all these videos and tutorials I do really deserve to have some kind of corresponding blog post.

Many of them are “how to” Linux videos, and I really have been meaning to create a text based repository of Linux knowledge that I’ve learned over the years.  Also, I realized I do so much more than just Linux.  I’ve got quite a few videos on Mac related content, Windows, networking and some security as well.

The plan here on out is to develop content here for you,  the aspiring IT person, as well as the everyday user who just needs a quick bit of information to get things going.  I hope you find this site useful, and look forward to offering up my knowledge in the hopes it might help someone out, even if just a little bit.

Thanks for visiting!


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